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Christine’s new book: The Skinny Soul is now on sale (£9.99 + FREE P&P)  Buy Now Button

By the time you have finished reading The Skinny Soul you will know the size and wealth of your soul and if your soul is fat and flourishing – or if skinny and malnourished.

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Lost In Faith: It could take faith to… (£9.99 + FREE P&P)   Buy Now Button

A remarkable and unforgettable story of how Christine and her husband, along with their two young children, took a giant leap of faith to take the gospel to Gypsies living in the caves of Spain during the rule of General Franco. (Free gift worth £1.75 included with Lost in Faith.)

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Christine’s fascinating and sincere story has given hope and strength to many going through their own trial of faith.

Daughters Under Trial (£7.99 + FREE P&P)  Buy Now Button


He Trains My Hands For Battle (£8.99 + FREE P&P)  Buy Now Button

This is the sequel to Lost in Faith. Do you need an answer to prayer? Do you need a miracle? Always be prepared!

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