Happy New beginning!

Hello and welcome. I am Christine Smith and this is my blog where I address trials of faith, “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial” (James 1:12).

Do you make them?

I love making New Year resolutions! I am a rather disciplined person so whatever ones I make I realise I’ll have to keep them, so I am very cautious about ones I make because for me… I see them as promises I am making to the Lord.

A New Year is an opportunity for a new beginning!  A new start!

God is a God of new beginnings.

>Are you longing for the past, or a part of your past that you don’t have anymore?

>Do you have regrets?

Ask God to help you to get over and forget the past!

“Do not call to mind the things of the past, Or ponder things of the past” (Isaiah 43:18).

Don’t look back!

Look forward! Lots wife looked back in longing and became as bitter as a block of salt!!

Above all..

Stay ready!

I long every day for the Lords return. Could it be – in 2018!?  We are certainly living in the days of Noah and Sodom.

So keep your lamp full of oil!

Get into bed as if it could be your last nights sleep in it!

“Understand this: If the owner of the house had known in which watch of the night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. For this reason you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hours when you do not expect Him” (Matthew 24:43).

I wish you all a very Happy CHRISTmas, and a blessed and Happy NEW beginning!

God bless you,


Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

I want to apologise that my book due to be published in 2017 has been delayed.  The reason is my computer broke with all my work on it, and I had never made backups!

We took the computer to be fixed but it was so old they could not fix it. It was dead!

I have been working on this new book for 12 months and have felt real inspiration while writing each of the 25 chapters. But it had all been lost overnight along with all of my other files.

Then out of the blue we received a phone call from someone telling us their computer had broken and how they had found an extraordinary man who had retrieved all of their work from it! So we were excited! But when we took our computer to him he said it would be virtually impossible the computer being so totally clapped out!

We left the computer with him in hope and waited for his call to say a yes or a no! When he called, he himself was amazed that he had been able to retrieve a little of something from the computer but not all. We collected the memory stick of what he was able to retrieve and it was my book work! But nothing else in my files at all! Amazing. However, my book work was here, there, and everywhere, so I have been piecing it together again something like doing a jigsaw puzzle! Hence the delay in publishing for 2017..

I now hope it will be published soon into 2018.

Please keep posted because I truly believe the Lord inspired me to write this book, so I feel you will be inspired by reading it, if it is of Him, not me of course.

My books: www.lostinfaith.org

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*Daughters Under Trial (23 eclectic messages for Christian women of all ages). £7.99. Free p+p in UK.

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My new book – hopefully soon into 2018.

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By Christine Smith