Don’t be a doppelganger!

My husband and I have made many friends and acquaintances over the years of ministerial work. Recently, I decided to telephone a lady I’d known for years, yet hadn’t spoken to for quite a while. It was nice to catch up – until…

She started to tell me about her church and why she’d become unhappy there. I knew her church to be a solid Bible-believing church with a great evangelical minister, and where she’d been a very contented member for many years. But she said she’d gone off her minister because he’s ‘too blunt.’ I asked her, ‘How? Has he changed then?’ She replied, ‘Oh no. But I don’t like it anymore when he stands against certain issues, and people are leaving the church because of itThat Day (the coming of the Lord) will not come unless the falling away comes first” (2 Thessalonians 2:3).

I knew this lady as a very spiritual, solid Christian, with a knowledge of the word of God and fearless when it came to boldly standing up for Biblical truths. So I was more than surprised when she mentioned to me the very same things that the minister had always been against, her too!

So when I said to her, that not only is her minister against those things, but that God is too – there ended our long friendship. I was lectured about ‘love’ ‘tolerance’ and acceptance (may I mention here that we can love but because ‘sin’ could not be ‘loved’ or ‘tolerated’ or ‘accepted’ the Holy Lamb of God had to suffer a cruel, agonising, and lengthy death on the cross).

I was saddened and devastated to realise – that my friend was now a doppelganger!

I thought… ‘is this possible? That if someone like her can become a ‘doppelganger‘ then any once ‘solid’ Christian can!” But I was also confused, as I had thought that because of what Matthew 13:24 says, that ‘doppelgangers’ were planted in the church by Satan (which they are). But it seems that even a seemingly good healthy ear of ‘wheat’ can become infected, and farmers face the battle of their wheat crop becoming infected all the time, having to carefully inspect by the day.

The parable in Matthew 13:24-30 is particularly poignant in these present days when there is so much wheat turning into a doppelganger!

Doppelganger: A ‘double.’ A ‘clone.’ A ‘duplicate.’ A ‘carbon copy.’ A look-alike. A TWIN.

Matthew calls them ‘tares’ or ‘weeds’ – ‘weeds’ that resemble wheat. They may ‘worship’ like real wheat. They may say ‘Hallelujah’ like real wheat! But you will know soon enough that they are a ‘weed.’

Why is this happening? Why are long-term Christians turning? It’s because they don’t want to be the only one standing alone, but are also are afraid of what people will say about them if they don’t ‘double-up.’

The aim of the devil is to make born-again Christians look ‘unloving!’

But it is an insult to God to be afraid of man more than to be afraid of God, “Do not fear the reproach of man” (Isiah 51:7).”Who are you that you are afraid of man who dies?”(Isaiah 51:12).

He will fulfill the desire of those who fear HIM” – not the ‘doppelgangers’ (Psalm 145:19).

“The Lord favours those who fear HIM – not the ‘doppelgangers’ (Psalm 147:11).

It isn’t people that we don’t love – it is sin. Because it is that now, obsolete word, that sent the sinless, Lamb of God to the cross, the most painful and longsuffering way to die.

Beware of rubbing shoulders with doppelgangers because infections spread!

Turn down any offer of becoming a ‘twin’, “Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil”

“If you CONTUNUE in my word then you are truly disciples of Mine” (John 8:31)

The key word in that Scripture is ‘continue’ which shows that indeed, some ‘wheat’ doesn’t ‘continue’ being wheat but gets an infection and spreads it.

Are there some all-loving people trying to make you a doppelganger?

“Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption “ (Ephesians 4:30).

Don’t get ‘cloned.’ Don’t give in! Leave them to it, if it is a place where the Lord is also leaving!

Let us pray for those facing rejection, and loneliness, during this end-time sign of the ‘falling away’ because they can’t bless what God can’y bless.

‘Dear Heavenly Father. Give us Your courage. The courage You had to go to a cross of suffering for our sin, never turning back or giving up halfway. Help us remain faithful, even if in the end, it means that we are standing alone with only You by our side.

Lord, if we have to go ‘underground’ to obtain the freedom to be able to read and teach your word in secret, to those who WANT to know what it says, then please adequately prepare us for such a day. Amen’.

And it is surely going to come to that.

It isn’t necessarily a ‘blessed’ or a ‘truthful’ church, just because it is a big church, “Where two or three are gathered in My Name I am there in the midst” (Matthew 18:20).

God bless. Christine.

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