The secret-keeping test!

*Can you keep a secret?

*Could you keep a secret for a friend?

*Would you be able to keep a secret for the Lord?

If the Lord had spoken to you personally for your benefit alone, could you keep it locked inside?

One of the hardest things the Lord must ask as woman to do – is to keep quiet! We are talkers. Men aren’t like us. We love to natter (not gossip that is).

The Virtuoso’s Incredible Secret  

One of the world’s greatest pianists has revealed to his fans and audiences for the very first time that he has been keeping a secret from them. Marcelo Bratke has won five prestigious international awards and played at some of the most coveted venues in the world, even though he cannot read music!

Unknown to his audiences and fans all over the world Marcelo has never seen one person in his audience while they have been sitting listening to his extraordinary talent! Only now after 25 years Marcelo Bratke confessed how he has been blind for most of his life! Now THAT is what you call a secret-keeper!

The secret-keeping test.

*Does God like secrets?

*Does God like us to keep a secret?

*Does God keep secrets?

It seems that the Lord likes secrets, and Matthew 6 is one example of this.

The Lord often told people not to tell.  Maybe the Lord is looking for secret-keepers! I’m convinced the Lord seeks people who can be trusted to keep quiet about something, and you could be tested on it.

“Beware of practising your righteousness before men. When you give do not sound a trumpet.  When you pray don’t be like the hypocrites who stand on street corners so as to be seen. When you fast don’t put on a gloomy face. Your Father sees what is done in secret and will reward you.”

Jesus even told a blind man not to tell anyone He’d been healed! Can you image being asked to keep something like that to yourself!? Is there any Christian who could? Or would? It doesn’t seem to make sense to ask someone to keep quiet about their healing. But if it was the blind man’s test and what the Lord requested, it doesn’t have to make sense to us. God knows what test each person needs.

If the Lord speaks to you personally about something that could only pertain to you and wouldn’t be of any advantage to anyone else, could you keep it to yourself? You may ask ‘but why should I? The Lord wants a unique relationship with each of His children so as to be able to reveal things to one that is not meant for another. You could be denying yourself of a very special and personal relationship with Him if having to tell everything there is to tell about your personal relationship with Jesus. We are His offspring and He should be able to trust us just as a husband and wife have the right to expect their intimate secrets not to be shared with anyone else. What betrayal that would be.

I think of Mary the mother of Jesus and what a fine example of secrecy. How many with such a dramatic visitation wouldn’t immediately contact every friend to tell them about it?  But what did Mary do? She kept it a secret. What discipline. What spiritual maturity.

Esther was also a secret keeper. In the palace she kept her identity a secret, “Esther would not reveal her descent or nationality” (Esther 2:2).

Daniel kept things to himself too, “The revelation ended but I kept the matter to myself” (Daniel 7:28).

So it’s clear that God doesn’t always want us to tell everyone what He tells us!

It was when I was in hospital having a baby that I realised I should have kept quiet about something. It was there in that hospital bed that I went through my first ever test of ‘when-to-keep-quiet!’  (the full story is in my book Lost in Faith chapter 8. ‘It could take faith… to keep quiet!)

What about secret faults? Secret sins?

Do you have any? God can see them if others cannot,

The Lord can have intimate fellowship with us if not hiding a secret sin,

“He is intimate with the upright”” (Proverbs 3:32).

“The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him” (Psalm 25:14).

If we fear (i.e., revere) Him we won’t want there to be any secret sins!

Prayer for discretion

Lord, give me the wisdom to know when and what to share and what not to. Please remind me to always test my reasons when I feel to share something. Help me never to want to prove my spirituality.

Heavenly Father, search my heart. Show me any secret sins, and help me remove them.

“Cleanse me from secret faults (i,e sins) Psalm 19:12.

Thank you for you word Lord. Amen

Part message taken from Daughters Under Trial.

Copyright. Living Devotions.

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