Do you feel like a ‘nobody?’

*Do you feel unloved?

*Do you feel rejected?

*Do you sometimes feel invisible?

If so, you are privileged! Why? Because God has a special place in His heart for you!

‘The Lord saw that Leah was unloved’ (Genesis 29:31).

The original translation says, ‘The Lord saw that Leah was hated’

*Leah was overlooked.

*Leah had no confidence.

*Leah couldn’t look people in the eye.

*Leah never expected anyone to listen to anything she had to say.

*Leah was a lowly, humble girl. The unloved, the rejected, and ‘nobodies’ usually are.

One day, a man turned up in Leah’s lonely, unloved, empty world! It was Jacob. In their custom the elder daughter had to be married off first. But it was Leah’s younger sister Rachel, who Jacob wanted as his wife. Once again, Leah had been overlooked – the story of her life!

God has a soft spot for the unloved and the rejected, the ‘nobodies’ in the world. If you are unloved or rejected, you will probably be in tears as you read this, because you know what it feels like. Underneath your seemingly ‘unbothered exterior’ – you hurt! Thankfully the Father sees it.

The Father of Leah and Rachel was Laban, who told Jacob he could have Rachel if he worked seven years for her. But at the end of the seven years, crafty Laban saw a chance to get another seven years of work out of Jacob and placed Leah in the honeymoon tent instead of Rachel!

The woman at the well was also nobody. She was ignored, rejected, and looked down on. But she soon got noticed by Jesus! This ‘nobody’ was ‘chosen’ to bring Salvation to an entire village!

Be thankful today if you are loved! Be grateful today if you have never suffered the pain of rejection! Be happy if you are well accepted and respected. BUT – be happier still if you are unloved or rejected, because you are favoured! Throughout Scripture Jesus favoured the unloved.

Jesus singled out another despised one – Zacchaeus. The crowd was indignant and grumbled when Jesus invited Himself to the house of a person everyone hated! They wanted Jesus as a guest in their ‘respected’ home! But instead, Jesus went for the reject, the unloved. Zacchaeus couldn’t believe he was loved by someone!

>If you are unloved God has a soft spot for you.

>If you are unloved – others are missing out, not you!

> If you are unloved, think of Leah,

If you are physically unattractive! Leah was too!

Leah received great comfort from knowing that the Lord saw she was unloved. She said, “The Lord has seen I am unloved” (Genesis 29:31, 32).

The Lord saw that she wasn’t as pretty as her sister.

The Lord took note that she wasn’t as noticed as her sister was.

But the Lord soon put that right!

Leah became very noticed! She was chosen to bear, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah, Dinah. (Genesis 29).

Jesus knows what rejection feels like, “He was despised” (Isaiah 53:3).


In Spain: At five o’clock one morning  when I was up particularly early and while still dark, I saw a car parked underneath a palm tree outside our International church in Spain where we also lived. I was surprised and went outside to check who it could be. I peered through the car window to see an older dishevelled lady fast asleep alongside two very large dogs. The dogs awoke and barked fiercely at me. The woman got out of the car, and blurted out in broken English, “Oh no! Now you have found me, you won’t let me sleep here anymore will you?” Without our knowledge, she’d been sleeping there every night in her car. She said it was the only place she felt safe.

It wasn’t Christian-like for someone to be sleeping in a car outside a church, so I replied, “No, I cannot allow you to sleep underneath this tree so I will put you in a caravan.”

Sometime before this incident I’d felt moved upon to make an appeal for caravans. But our church people were not happy when Imgar  sat in church. They said that if she came again they wouldn’t be coming! So I had a dilemma. How could I help needy people if it was against the wishes of the International church I had started – and had started because they had been in need of it!

But I still tried to put myself in their shoes and understand, because Imgar did have a very dirty habit! A habit which made her smell bad. She was unkempt and looked nothing less than a tramp with matted dirty hair that hadn’t seen water or a comb in years. Her ragged clothes were smothered in dog hair! No-one wanted to know her or anything about her. Imgar was an unloved. Imgar was a hated. But I just felt for her, even though I knew it was going to take a lot of grace to cope.

But wasn’t the Lord gracious to us – reaching out and loving us, while we were still smothered in something worse than dog hair – something called sin?

As the weeks turned to months I found out so much about Imgar. To my utter surprise, she was a Christian and loved the Lord with all her heart. She couldn’t believe how the Lord had brought us together. We would sit in the sun on a piece of marble placed on top of two bricks, and sing chorus’s together. There was such a presence when we did this. I felt sad that people were missing so much. But Imgar was an unloved and rejected.

Imgar was German, and in broken English and drawing pictures, I learned how her entire family had been terribly persecuted and had endured horrendous suffering from the Nazis because they had been protecting Jews. I also learned how her legs had been broken twice by an abusive husband and she showed me all her other wounds inflicted by him and is the reason she had fled from Germany with nothing, apart from her battered vehicle and two huge dogs that had destroyed the interior of the car.

Imgar was placed in a caravan. I didn’t realise it would be such a trial. But what if the Lord had turned his back on us because He knew we were going to need lots of cleaning, guidance, and tender loving care?

I didn’t want Imgar to give up her dirty habit because I was trying to be the Holy Spirit in her life. It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, not ours. I just longed for her to be accepted by others. So I kept trying to convince her that her dirty habit was wrong. But Imgar was having none of it! But one day she said, “OK my sister Cristina! If you can prove to me from the Bible that my habit is wrong, then I will stop!”

‘Prove it from the Bible?’ I thought! I’d never given a thought of her saying that! I was panic-stricken as I was certain that there would be no such ‘proof’ and Imgar would think that what she was doing was fine or that I was being controlling.

How would I ever find in the Bible that her particular ‘dirty habit’ was wrong? I had no internet then, or access to any. I had no computer not even a concordance. All I had was my Bible which had 66 Books!

Every day, Imgar would mischievously ask, “Have you found anything in the Bible yet my sister Cristina that what I do is wrong?’ Every day, I had to say, “No, Imgar.”  So each day she thought she was safe!

But one day when she asked me I could answer, ‘Yes Imgar! I have found in the Bible what you do is not right! Imgar was flabbergasted!’ I’d eventually found it after reading several books of the Bible (entire story in Lost in Faith).

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God bless. Christine.

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