Test your kidneys!

The role of your kidneys:

*They trash out the trash.

*They are filters,

*They excrete the bad stuff.

* They purify.

When kidneys lose their ability to function properly it’s because they are becoming infected.

Kidneys have to be pure.

In the Hebrew culture the kidneys were considered the most important internal organ along with the heart.  They associate the kidneys with the most inner stirrings and seat of the emotions.  The kidneys were associated with … the motives.

The Greek word for ‘mind’  ‘heart’ or ‘motives’ – is KIDNEYS!

“God tries the heart and minds (Lit, kidneys)” Psalm 7:9.

“I am He who searches the minds and hearts (Lit, kidneys/motives)” Revelation 2:23.

“Who sees the mind and heart (Lit, kidneys/motives)” Jeremiah 20:12.

God is interested WHY you are doing something. He is interested in WHAT is causing you to do what you are doing. He is looking at WHAT is spurring you on. Does He see a pure motive?

It is vital to regularly test your motives. Why? Because the Lord has a preference for pure ones, “The Lord weighs the motives” (Proverbs 16:2).

None of the servants God used were fault free. But they had no ulterior motive for doing God’s work. They were not into serving the Lord for personal ambition, wealth, popularity, or a career move. It was purely to carry through God’s purpose. God’s request.

If we get any problems with our kidneys, we would be silly to ignore it. We’d see a doctor for diagnosis.  It can be the same with conviction. When we feel a twinge of conviction, we need to respond to it immediately, otherwise we not only grieve the Holy Spirit by ignoring it, eventually conviction stops. Then little by little our spiritual kidneys become immune.

From time to time, we all need to do a kidney (motive) test to check for any impurities, “Blessed are the PURE in heart, for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8). The opposite to pure is: cunning; fake; crafty; devious; scheming; false; manipulative.

I believe God could be looking for someone for a special purpose who has pure kidneys. Someone who would have no ulterior motive. Someone with pure motives with just a heart for God.

Who would they be like? Would they be like Moses? Who said he wasn’t capable, “Please Lord send this message by whoever you will” (Exodus 4:12). That is meekness. Those God called almost fainted at the idea of being used by Him, that’s why they questioned the calling. God used imperfect people who never had any thought of being used by God and felt too ordinary, too inadequate, too unworthy, and too incapable. All they doubted was their own worthiness and ability, not what God could do. That was the reason God wanted to use them.

Would God choose someone like Gideon? Who had to ask God for two funny signs as he couldn’t believe God really meant he was the one to deliver Israel? Who? Me?

Someone who doubts their own ability means God will be in total control of the assignment, and that the call won’t be hindered by any pride or personal ambition/motive. These chosen ones were mentioned in the hall of faith in Hebrews 11. God’s chosen ones must have been humble folk, “God is opposed to the proud” (James 4:6).

I think about Naomi. She must have been an easy-going and nice lady to get along with because her name means ‘agreeable’ (i.e. willing to comply). But after losing her husband, and her homeland, and her two sons, she said ‘call me Mara’ which means bitter. The word bitter means: hostile or resentful. But Naomi was being hard on herself. She wasn’t bitter or hostile. She was merely in mourning and grief-stricken.

You can tell when someone has gone bitter, they are angry and lash out at anyone in their way. If Naomi had been bitter or resentful she would have grasped at the chance to use both of her daughters-in-law for her own ends and purposes having lost all.  But she did the opposite. She was willing to sacrifice any chance of posterity, which was vital then, by thinking of her daughters-in-laws welfare before her own. So she begged them to leave her and to go back home where they could find a bright new future.  Naomi’s motive was pure and unselfish.

Orpah knew that Naomi was right in that there was no future for her to stay with her mother-in-law so off she went. But Ruth refused to go, seeing her mother-in-law’s true colours, and her pure motives, and wanted to cling to such a selfless lady. Naomi’s pure motives resulted in her becoming the great-grandmother of David.

If we want God’s best, we need to regularly check our spiritual kidneys, because the One we love doesn’t much like infected ones.

A prayer for pure motives

O Lord, may I never be blind to why I am doing something. I want to be pure in heart before you. I want to serve you for no other reason than because I love you. I want to help others because you have helped me, and because of what you have done for me.

May I serve you only out of pure love for saving my soul.

“Examine me, O Lord, and try me. Test my mind (Lit, kidneys/motives)” Psalm 26:2.

 “The ways of a man are clean in his own sight, but the Lord weighs the motives” (Proverbs 16:2).


Part message taken from Daughters Under Trial. Contains 26 chapters of the ‘tests’ we face in our walk with the Lord.

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By Christine Smith

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  2. Sister Christine,

    One my favorite hymns. Knowing the story in how it was written makes it that much more special to my heart.

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