Living by Faith…

By Christine Smith….

It was in a truly unusual way, when as a young couple, the Lord called my husband and me to live a life of faith.

My Dad was a Pastor, but as well being a Pastor he had his own business for the sole purpose of being able to bless God’s work. My life was one of seeing my dad giving to ministers and missionaries alike.

When I met my husband-to-be and my dad knew that my father-in-law-to-be was a poorly paid Pastor and had been unable to pay his national health stamps for many years, my dad paid them right up to date for him. My dad also paid for my husband’s Bible College fees at the Bible College of Wales, Swansea.

So coming from such a giving and generous family, I cringed at the thought of  this new ‘living by faith’ and being on the receiving end and felt it would be like being a beggar or a scrounger.

Our call to live a life by faith had come about due to a dramatic call to take the Gospel to Gypsies living in the remote mountain caves of Almeria, Spain during the reign of General Franco. At the time our denomination was experiencing financial restraints so were unable to sponsor us, so we thought we’d passed some spiritual test and had proved to God, that had it been possible we would have gone. But months later God started to speak to my husband and myself individually through Hebrews 11 how God called people to do things in faith and we felt to still obey the call and to just go ‘in faith.’

On the long journey to Spain we were nervous – not really knowing if Gypsies living in caves would really exist!! But the call via a dream was so inexplicable we’d sold all in UK, burned our boats and went trusting the Lord with our two young sons, all of us in a tiny donated dilapidated caravan

But my attitude to living by faith needed to change, and the Lord did graciously start to show me that if living by faith was being a beggar or a scrounger, then some of His servants were too! Elijah even asked a widow to make him a cake first from her last bit of food, and he had to quench his thirst from a brook, and was also fed by birds – ravens of all things!  Jesus received help too – from a woman which in those days was seen as degrading; and two sisters often fed the Lord. Jesus was also supported financially throughout His ministry.

I came to the realisation that living by faith was not being lazy, or a beggar… it was merely a lifestyle of trusting God; a life of walking by faith every day come what may –  ravens or brooks! And that the Lord blesses the giver even more than the receiver!

To this very day, we’ve never known what a normal regular income feels like, and I admit that I still have to fight off thoughts of how it must be to live like that.

Everyone’s faith journey is different.

So if you are walking with the Lord day by day, and getting through your trials come what may, then that is faith, “without faith it is impossible to please Him

God knows the test each of us needs and I thank God that my trials have been what they have been – and not hospital ones!

From the age of 12 years I’ve kept journals and had been asked over many years to have them published. But being a shy and private person I always declined. But one day in 2009 I felt prompted by a Scripture in 2 Corinthians 1:4 that my life story could be of help to others in their own walk with the Lord, “God, who comforts us in trial so that we will be able to be of comfort to others” –  so I released contents of my journals and wrote my first book Lost in Faith.

Now, I write books on trials of faith as I’ve had plenty of practise! But also because I have a burden for anyone going through a trial, and any one of my books will be of help to you in your own journey with the Lord.

God Bless you.


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By Christine Smith