Christine’s Books

Christine’s books have gained a reputation of being ‘unputdownable’ and re-readables. They make excellent Christian gifts.

She says she writes to persuade, to give hope, to challenge, but always with Scriptures to verify everything she says.

Christine’s latest book…

The Skinny Soul 

Did you know that the Bible speaks of how to have a FAT soul?

Christine believes an ‘enlarged’ soul can see you through anything!

By the time you have finished reading her latest book The Skinny Soul you will know the size, wealth, and health of the most precious possession you have!

Keep your soul FAT and healthy!

If you are looking for something fresh and cutting-edge, The Skinny Soul is for you.

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bookcoverLost in Faith. It could take faith to…?

This is not a book of miracles!! It is rather one of going through deep waters and emerging a survivor!

Have you ever felt lost in your faith!?

Christine’s captivating story is one about when everything you had – or was used to having – is suddenly taken away. If you have ever struggled with a trial, or if you have ever felt totally alone or ostracised, or even if you just love a gripping page-turner, this is the book for you.

This unique and unusual memoir will have you in tears, laughter, and every other emotion. It inspires to the last word and has given added strength and faith to many during their trial of faith.

Set in a little-known part of Spain’s deep South during the reign of the dictator General Franco, this true story written in novel-type style is enjoyed by Christians young and old.

Christine has always kept journals and had been asked over many years to have them published but always declined, not having the courage for her flaws & weakness to be in print for all to see!  But just a few years ago she felt prompted by a Bible verse that her story could be of help to others. So she released contents of her journals for her first book Lost in Faith. “God, who comforts us in trial so that we may be able to comfort others”  (2 Corinthians 1:4). 

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He Trains my Hands For Battle. A Journey into the Unknown. 

The sequel to Lost in Faith and just as gripping.


Do you need an answer to prayer?

Do you need a miracle?

Always be prepared!

Early one morning, Christine awoke to some life-shattering news that would shatter their happy family unit for good. But she decided to fight what would be the biggest battle of her life and learned vital spiritual lessons whenever faced with the impossible!

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Daughters Under Trial.

Brand new revised edition with new material added.

Contains 26 distinct and stirring messages – not for the fainthearted!

Although Christine wrote these messages fordaughters of the heavenly Fatherthey are messages that apply to everyone.

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By Christine Smith

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