Don’t go to sleep!

I mentioned to some Christians how excited I was about the second-coming of Lord, and how the Bible says, ‘Every eye shall see Him.’ But I was shocked when they expressed doubt that ‘every eye shall see Him’ saying it wasn’t feesable!

I realize that God doesn’t need any man-made electric device to fulfil His promise that ‘every eye shall see Him’ but during this time of lockdown, while everyone is at home watching T.V, wouldn’t it be amazing if one day when switching it on there were only clouds on the screen!? But clouds with a difference!

“He is coming with the CLOUDS and every eye will see Him” (Revelation 1:7).

“With the CLOUDS of heaven, One like the Son of Man was coming” (Daniel 7:13).

“And the Son of Man will appear in the SKY“ (Matthew 24:30).

“CLOUDS are His hiding place”  (Job 122:14).

“The Lord is riding on a swift CLOUD… (Isaiah 19:1).

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God bless. Christine.
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By Christine Smith

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