Spring Clean it!

Your Soul Scanner

I love a good spring clean! I have to admit at being a clutter-free freak & a bit of a cleanaholic! I love to see my albut empty neat & tidy cupboards. My hubby gets nervous when he sees me on my way to a charity shop carrying a black bin bag in case there’s something inside of his! And every 3 months he has to pull out the bed, sofa, fridge, & everything else in our house so I can check and clean behind them as I am also extremely spider phobic. Some say I have OCD but it’s simply that I derive pleasure from living in uncluttered and clean surroundings – but also knowing that a spider isn’t lurking anywhere just to see me jump out of my skin!

At this time of isolation due to the Coronavirus it could be a chance to de-clutter and spring-clean your home which got me thinking about the soul, and how it’s also a good idea to inspect our soul from time to time, to check if there’s any clutter that has been lurking there for too long!

Maybe some ‘rubbish’ has got a little too comfortable there! Maybe there’s a bit of unforgiveness that’s got too well-bedded! Maybe there’s a spec of resentment, rebellion, selfishness, anger, or even some jealousy that needs throwing out!

Our soul is as visible to God as our body is to other bodies! “If there is a natural body there is a spiritual body” (1 Corinthians 15:44).

Just as we communicate with each other by mouth, God communicates via the soul. It is the spiritual connection between us and Him, “Give heed and keep your soul diligently” (Deuteronomy 4:9). 

Our soul can meet God’s needs as well as Him meeting ours! But if the soul is full of rubbish could we be depriving ourselves of hearing that still small voice more often as too much garbage is there?

God is our soul scanner.

Part message taken from Daughters Under Trial.  

Copyright. Living Devotions.

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By Christine Smith

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