I want to be a nudist!

In the news today a Church of England vicar was given an official warning for ‘liking’ images of naked men on twitter. The vicar claimed he simply appreciated the posts by his naturist friend.

The vicar argued there is a relationship between naturism and Christianity.

How I wish this vicar would read his Bible and my post on this subject as it is a subject I know about!

I urge you to read my post on nudism, because sooner or later, you will be in church sitting next to ‘a secret nudist’ who will one day challenge you that there is nothing in the Bible against it, and that nudism is ‘natural’. It’s always good to be prepared with Biblical answers on this subject because nudism is becoming more accepted amongst Christians – so click the link https://christianagonyaunt.wordpress.com/2016/11/

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By Christine Smith

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