A word from Christine…


Hello and welcome. I am Christine Smith.

You can read all about me here  https://christinesmitheurope.wordpress.com/about/

From the age of twelve years, I had read God’s words daily.

However, when  I was detached from all ‘spiritual stimulation’

I was forced to read God’s word in a different way from the one only ‘spiritual aid’ I had!

The experience affected me so deeply, I wanted to make known, how the Scriptures can be so much more exciting, and that there is an answer somewhere in God’s word for every situation, as I discovered myself while struggling to be a good wife, mother, while bereft and homesick as a green-as-grass missionary.

So I gave permission for my diaries to be published after refusing for many years, having been made aware that my life story could be of help to others..

God bless, Christine.

My books  https://christinesmitheurope.wordpress.com/christines-books/

Contact email: livingdevotions@gmail.com

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