A word from the author…


Hello and welcome. I am Christine Smith.

I can guarantee, that the lessons I was forced to learn to survive my unexpected trials of faith will help you survive yours! This is the only reason I allowed  contents of my private journals to be published!

I feel humbled how my story has encouraged and given added hope and faith to many while going through a trial in their own walk with the Lord.

I was converted at twelve years of age, and from then my life was dedicated to the Lord. My father was a Pastor. I married a minister. I was a children’s evangelist. I read my Bible faithfully. Yet…

it was only when I found myself completely alone, cut-off from any Christian contact whatsoever, and any of the spiritual crutches I’d been used to having, that I discovered less familiar Scriptures between those pages and I never knew the Bible could be so exciting!

It was a painful time of testing when only left with one solitary possession: my Bible. I didn’t realise it at the time, but the Lord was teaching me the best lesson I could ever learn… it was how to walk alone with Him for whenever the need arises to do so.

My books are not just another of those stories. They pertain to YOU!

My heart’s desire is to encourage and persuade,  and also to prove how the Bible is anything but a boring book. I didn’t write the Bible – I just believe it! It’s alive!

God Bless You.


My latest book is now available: The Skinny Soul.

The Bible actually speaks about having a FAT soul.

Keep your soul FAT and healthy!

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