A word from the author…


Hello and welcome. I am Christine Smith.

I was converted at twelve years of age, and from that very moment, my entire life had been totally dedicated to the Lord. I loved God’s word and read it daily… 

but it wasn’t until I was completely severed from all Christian contact in every shape or form, without any of the spiritual aids I’d been used to having, that I discovered less familiar Scriptures between those pages from the one and only possession I’d been left with. And my walk with the Lord changed for good.

Due to this unexpected and unusual experience, my desire whenever I write is to enlighten, persuade, and to give hopebut always with Scripture to back-up everything I say. I didn’t write the 2 edged sword, I just believe it.

I feel truly humbled how my story has given added strength and faith to many while going through their own walk with the Lord.

God Bless You.


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