About Christine….

Hello, I am Christine Smith-nee Middleton. I am British and married to Christopher Smith, also British.

I was born in Dudley, The West Midlands. Chris, my husband was born in Lancashire. We met at the Assembly of God conference in Morecambe. We have three children and seven grandchildren.

I was brought up in a Christian home. My father was William Middleton, an Assemblies of God minister, so was my husbands Father Stanley Smith. I married Christopher Smith, who was also an Assembly of God minister. Soon after getting married we toured the UK as ‘Kris and Kristine The Sunshine Evangelists’ I accompanied our duets on a huge red accordion. My husband was the preacher, and I the children’s evangelist.

My husband and I established a Bible school in the UK Kings Evangelical Divinity School. Our son is now director.

We then became missionaries on having received a dramatic and unusual call from the Lord to take the gospel to Gypsies living in the remote mountain caves of Almeria Spain, which was during the rule of the cruel dictator General Franco. We sold all in the UK, and with our two small children we went in faith as our denomination was experiencing financial restraints and unable to support us financially. The unusual story of this call, and our life with the gypsies, and the unexpected dangers that awaited us in that poverty-stricken backward location, is in my book Lost in Faith.

My interests and hobbies… 

* God’s word is my greatest passion and is what excites me most in life.

* Writing books on trials of faith having gone through the fire myself!

* My blog where I post messages the Lord places on my heart.

* My Christian Agony Aunt column that I started due to having a God-given burden for women going through a secret trial. My Christian Agony Aunt has blessed and helped many women of all ages where they have been able to share a problem anonymously.  www.christianagonyaunt.wordpress.com

* Playing the piano, keyboard, & accordion.

* Keeping up with my 7 grandchildren.

* Keeping up with news to know what to pray about and what to address on my blog.

* Contacting any T.V channel to complain about any blasphemy of the Lord.

  • Sending cards, letters, emails, and my books to anyone in need of encouragement.

* Growing cacti as they need little care as we travel in ministry.

* Baking (especially with coconut flour).

* Walking, swimming, writing.

* Reading inspirational life-stories such as ‘The Little Woman’ (missionary to China Gladys Aylward), Amy Carmichael, and books on the Holocaust.

* Watching a classic or true life movie.

* Worship CDs, my taste being: Helen Shapiro’s Messianic; Oslo choir; Songs Of Praise; Maranatha singers; Guy Penrod; The Cathedrals; Libera Angel voices; Don Moen.

Oh, I almost forgot! Looking after my husband, Chris – who blesses me with a cup of tea in bed every morning!

By the way… did you know the Bible speaks of having a FAT soul?

My latest book The Skinny Soul

By the time you have finished reading The Skinny Soul you will know the size, health, and wealth of the most precious possession you have!

Keep your soul FAT and healthy.

My books: click heading ‘Christine’s books’

Contact Email: livingdevotions@gmail.com

Visit my Christian Agony Aunt: www.christianagonyaunt.wordpress.com

4 comments on “About Christine….

  1. Christine’s life may sound incredible, but I know it is true. God has certainly used both Chris and Christine. My family and church are grateful that they came into our lives over forty years ago. They are still going strong for Jesus! We love them.
    Dr. Daniel Mercaldo, Staten Island, NY

  2. Christine – I truly enjoyed your blog today and your “about Christine” information. The only thing I would add in telling about you is, “faithful”. I know you have been serving the Lord longer, but Roy and I can personally testify that you and Chris have been continually at work for God for the over 32 years we have known you! That is faithful!! You are an inspiration to your sisters in Christ, so continue on! Or as we say in America, “You go girl!”

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