About Christine….


I am Christine Smith. I am British and married to Christopher Smith, also British.

I was born and brought up in Dudley, the West Midlands. Chris, my husband was born in Bury, Lancashire. We met at the Assemblies of God conference in Morecambe. We have three children and seven grandchildren.

I was brought up in a Christian home. My father was William Middleton, an Assemblies of God minister, as was my husbands Father, Stanley Smith. I married Christopher Smith, who was also an Assemblies of God minister and the youngest minister in our denomination at the time.

Soon after getting married my husband and I toured the UK and Ireland as ‘Kris and Kristine the Sunshine Evangelists’. We sang duets together and I accompanied us on a 120 bass, sparkling red accordion. My husband was the preacher, and I the children’s evangelist.

My husband and I established Kings Evangelical Divinity School. Our son is now director.

A unique call to live by faith.

We became missionaries on having received a dramatic and unexpected call, to take the gospel to Gypsies living in the remote mountain caves of Almeria, Spain in the 1970’s, and during the cruel rule of dictator General Franco. We wrote to our denomination explaining the call requesting their support. However, the missions department explained they were experiencing serious financial restraints and were sadly unable to help. We felt somewhat confused, as the calling was so real and unusual, but we reasoned it must have been a test, and had shown the Lord that we would have gone had it been possible.

However, many months later, our reading was in Hebrews and chapter 11, all about those who did things for God in faith and we felt strongly to still obey God’s call.

So we took a giant leap of faith and sold all in the UK and went in a donated, ancient, rickety 2 berth caravan with our two young children.

On the 7 day journey, on very inadequate roads back then, we were nervous that we wouldn’t really find gypsies living in caves at all, wondering if our denomination would then feel justified that they hadn’t had the means to support us! After all, all we had to go on was a very strange yet vivid dream my husband had had!

On arrival we were shocked to learn that we were the very first to bring the gospel and Bibles to the area! No-one was permitted to own their own Bible, and officials and Civil Guards with machine guns over their shoulder, made it clear in no uncertain terms, that we were not welcome! We had never imagined what had awaited us! (full story in Lost in Faith).

To add to the problem, I did not want to live ‘by faith!’ Click link ‘But I don’t want to live by faith!’ https://christinesmitheurope.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/living-by-faith/

Ministering and providing for the homeless and needy.

I have housed and cared for destitute and homeless Romanian Christians, for as long as I can remember, all free of charge so that they could send anything they could earn back home to their poverty-stricken families in Romania. We visited their families in Romania and were overwhelmed with hugs and kisses as they showed us the very first pair of shoes they’d ever had due to my God-given privilege of providing for their sons and husbands.

On seeing such destitution there, we started hiring double trailer trucks, loading them with dental equipment, dental chairs, medicines, toys, clothes, prams, towels, Bibles, mattresses, even bulbs as hospitals were working in the dark! We plumbed in hot water in orphanages on seeing children showering in freezing cold water. We have been every Christmas time with provisions and gifts.

Scripture distribution.

We print Bible notes and materials free of charge for minsters who lack recourses.

We have translated, printed, and published the New Testament in the gypsy language and distribute these free of charge.

We have bought and distributed Bibles on tape for those who cannot read all free of charge.

Gypsy Churches.

We’ve had the privilege of building several gypsy churches on seeing young gypsy pastors in Romania and the UK, who’ve had to knock down the interior walls of their small shabby homes to be able to seat people for services. We have conducted conventions, outreaches, and many baptisms to these gypsies for many years. See picture gallery https://christinesmitheurope.wordpress.com/picture-gallery/

Building the first ‘International Christian Centre’ in Spain.

This was the very first witness for the Lord in a huge vast area, and we faced extreme and fierce opposition. We built it ourselves, mixing cement with a spade and a ‘rastro’ ( a big pick) as no tools were available. We called it Christian Centre and held services and Bible classes in Spanish, Romanian, and English. It brought together Christians who never knew that there were other Christians living in loneliness and isolation in this vast mountainous area. Due to the opening of Christian Centre many were inspired by the vision and fellowships started springing up all over this spiritually barren location meeting the needs of many . See picture gallery https://christinesmitheurope.wordpress.com/picture-gallery/

My books.

I have written 4 books. Although my books are for sale on my website, I gift far more than I sell. I gift because of the messages I receive how my life-story has helped them through a very difficult trial, and I feel humbled how the Lord has used me in this way.

Lost in Faith… My personal account as a wife, a mother, and a green-as-grass missionary, of adapting to living a poverty-stricken lifestyle of washing in streams, after living a life of privilege in the UK.

He Trains My Hands For Battle… the sequel to Lost in Faith.

Daughters Under Trial… 26 distinct messages of the trials we face in our walk for the Lord.

The Skinny Soul… One day I discovered the Bible speaks of having a FAT soul!  So I wrote this book on how to keep our most precious possession fat and healthy.

My books books/https://christinesmitheurope.wordpress.com/christines-books/

My online ministry:

My Christian Agony Aunt  (CAA).  https://christianagonyaunt.wordpress.com/ I was moved upon by the Lord to begin this online ministry to women due to a God-given burden for any going through a trial of faith, having gone through the ‘fire’ myself. The positive replies I receive prove how much Scriptural advice has helped many get through an ordeal. CAA is a place where women can share a ‘secret’ problem anonymously and receive answers from God’s word. I believe God’s word has an answer for everything and everyone.

My Question and Answer page. https://christinesmitheurope.wordpress.com/my-question-and-answer-page/

Helping churches in need: Playing the piano, keyboard, & accordion and being an encouragement in churches, doing it all as a labour of love as unto the Lord, never having charged.

Donations https://christinesmitheurope.wordpress.com/donations/

My interests and hobbies…

* God’s word is my greatest passion and what excites me most in life.

* Praying for persecuted Christians all over the world, especially in Afghanistan where Christians are in hiding, and now Ukraine

*Having gone through the fire myself, I write on the trials we face in our walk with the Lord.

* My blog.

* Keeping up with my 7 grandchildren.

* Keeping up with news to know what to pray about and what to address on my blog.

* Contacting T.V channels to complain about any blasphemy of the Lord.

*Sending cards, letters, emails, and my books, to anyone in need of prayer or encouragement.

* Growing cacti as they need little care as we travel in ministry.

* Baking whenever I have the time! (especially with coconut flour).

* Walking, swimming, writing.

* Reading inspirational life-stories such as ‘The Little Woman’ (missionary to China Gladys Aylward), Amy Carmichael, and books on the Holocaust.

* Watching a classic or true life movie.

* Worship CDs, my taste being: Helen Shapiro’s Messianic; Oslo choir; Songs Of Praise; Maranatha singers; Guy Penrod; The Cathedrals; Libera Angel voices; Don Moen.

Oh, I almost forgot! Looking after my husband, Chris – who blesses me with a cup of tea in bed every morning!

God bless. Christine.

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Contact Email: livingdevotions@gmail.com

4 comments on “About Christine….

  1. Christine’s life may sound incredible, but I know it is true. God has certainly used both Chris and Christine. My family and church are grateful that they came into our lives over forty years ago. They are still going strong for Jesus! We love them.
    Dr. Daniel Mercaldo, Staten Island, NY

  2. Christine – I truly enjoyed your blog today and your “about Christine” information. The only thing I would add in telling about you is, “faithful”. I know you have been serving the Lord longer, but Roy and I can personally testify that you and Chris have been continually at work for God for the over 32 years we have known you! That is faithful!! You are an inspiration to your sisters in Christ, so continue on! Or as we say in America, “You go girl!”

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