About Christine Smith…


Christine is married to Chris, a minister of the Gospel.

Christine is from the West Midlands and Chris from Manchester. They both come from ministerial families, both their Fathers Pastors.

Christine & Chris met at their annual denominational conference. Their own Fathers conducted their wedding.

In the 1960’s Christine & Chris travelled throughout UK & Ireland as ‘Kris & Kristine. The Sunshine Evangelists’ Christine was a children’s evangelist during this time.

In 1970, they both received a separate and remarkable call to take the Gospel to gypsies living in the caves of Almeria, Spain which was during the cruel rule of General Franco. To their surprise, they were the first to arrive with the gospel and Bibles, and found themselves faced with extreme opposition and danger.

*Chris & Christine are the founders of Kings Evangelical Divinity School. Their eldest son Calvin, is now Director.

*Christine and Chris were the first to take the Gospel and Bibles to virtually unknown and poverty-stricken parts of Southern Spain.

*Christine was used of the Lord to establish several fellowships and churches, in a little known and spiritually barren part of Spain.

*Mission Trips: The Smiths have taken much aid to Romania in double trailer trucks, and have been caring and catering for the homeless for some years.

*Christine has published three books and her next is due 2017. Her books have gained a reputation as being ‘unputdownables’

Christine’s burdens:

My greatest passion is God’s word. My aim is to be persuasive, enlightening, and challenging but always with Scriptures to back up everything I say.

I have a particular burden for women going through a trial of faith, this is the reason I started my Christian Agony Aunt which has helped many women share a secret problem www.christianagonyaunt.wordpress.com

I like to promote wearing a cross seeing how the cross is becoming a symbol of hate and offense. The Apostle Paul put it long ago just as it is today… “I tell you weeping, that they are enemies of the cross of Christ” (Philippians 3:18).

My interests and hobbies:

Gods Word is what excites me most. I have kept a devotional journal for as long as I can remember and I highly recommend it; Writing messages on trials of faith; My Christian Agony Aunt for women; Worship music with a particular taste for Helen Shapiro’s Messianic cd’s, the Oslo choir, Songs Of Praise, and Maranatha singers, the Gaithers; Guy Penrod; The Cathedrals; 2ndhalf quartet; Songs of Praise hymns; Playing the piano & accordion; My grandchildren; Keeping up with news to know how to pray and what to write; Growing cacti (because they need little care as we travel); Walking; Swimming; Baking; Watching a classic or true movie. Looking after my hubby, Chris!

About my books:



I can guarantee, that the lessons I was forced to learn to survive my unexpected trials of faith in a lonely desert when detached from all Christian influence – will help you through your trials. That is the only reason I allowed my private journals to be published!

I am humbled as I see how my story has encouraged, uplifted, and given hope to many.

I was converted at twelve years of age. From that day my life was dedicated to the Lord.

My Father was a Pastor, and I helped in most aspects of his Church.

I read my Bible faithfully. I married a minister.

But when I was abruptly severed from all Christian influence, I felt lost!

In my isolation and loneliness I discovered how to be ‘lost’ in faith, rather than to be lost ‘in’ faith, if you see what I mean.

Only having my Bible, I was surprised to find less familiar Scriptures there for anyone and everyone during a time of trial.

My books are not just another of those stories – they pertain to YOU!

God bless you.


*Lost in Faith. It could take faith to… (my journey to take the gospel to cave-dwelling people). £9.99. Free p+p in UK.

*He Trains my Hands For Battle. A journey into the unknown (sequel to Lost in Faith). £8.99. Free p+p in UK.

*Daughters Under Trial (23 eclectic messages for Christian women of all ages). £7.99. Free p+p in UK.

Prices/orders by credit card or PayPal https://christinesbooks.wordpress.com/buy-the-book/

Orders via post/enquiries/problems with an order email livingdevotions@gmail.com

My next book due 2018.

Visit my Christian Agony Aunt. www.christianagonyaunt.wordpress.com






4 comments on “About Christine Smith…

  1. Christine’s life may sound incredible, but I know it is true. God has certainly used both Chris and Christine. My family and church are grateful that they came into our lives over forty years ago. They are still going strong for Jesus! We love them.
    Dr. Daniel Mercaldo, Staten Island, NY

  2. Christine – I truly enjoyed your blog today and your “about Christine” information. The only thing I would add in telling about you is, “faithful”. I know you have been serving the Lord longer, but Roy and I can personally testify that you and Chris have been continually at work for God for the over 32 years we have known you! That is faithful!! You are an inspiration to your sisters in Christ, so continue on! Or as we say in America, “You go girl!”

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