About ‘Daughters Under Trial…’

‘Daughters Under Trial’ “Those whom I love I discipline” (Revelation 3:19)

Brand new revised edition with new materiel added.

The book contains 26 distinct message on the trials of faith we can face in our walk with  the Lord. Although Christine wrote them with “daughters-of-the-heavenly- Father” in mind these messages apply to all, man or woman.

Sample Chapters:

Chapter 15: An awesome holiday?

Chapter 18: Are you rejected? Are you unloved?

Chapter: 20: The test of three types of marriage.

Christine’s latest book now available: The Skinny Soul

The Bible speaks about having a FAT soul.

“The soul of the diligent is made FAT  (Proverbs 13:4).

By the time you have finished reading The Skinny Soul you will  be aware of the size, wealth, and health of your soul.

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