About ‘Daughters Under Trial…’

‘Daughters Under Trial’ “Those whom I love I discipline” (Revelation 3:19)

Brand new revised edition with new materiel added – now available from USA.

The book contains 26 distinct message on the trials of faith we can face in our walk with  the Lord. Although Christine wrote them with “daughters-of-the-heavenly- Father” in mind these messages apply to all, man or woman.

Sample Chapters:

Chapter 15: An awesome holiday?

Chapter 18: Are you rejected? Are you unloved?

Chapter: 20: The test of three types of marriage.

Christine’s latest book now available: The Skinny Soul

The Bible actually speaks about having a FAT soul.

By the time you have finished reading The Skinny Soul you will  be aware of the size, wealth, and health of your soul.

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