About the sequel to ‘Lost in Faith’

(now also shipped from USA)

‘He Trains my Hands For Battle’ (Psalm 18:34) A journey into the unknown’

Do you need a miracle? Always be prepared!


Early one morning, Christine awoke to some life-shattering news that would shatter their happy family unit for good. But she decided to fight what would be the biggest battle of her life and learned vital spiritual lessons whenever faced with the impossible!

Sample chapters from He Trains My Hands For Battle:

Chapter 1: An unwelcome visitor

Chapter 3: A vision

Chapter 5: This is not the day the Lord has made!

Chapter 9: Angels

Chapter 10: Kojak

Chapter 13: A Gypsy!?

Chapter 16: We don’t know what to do!

Christine’s latest book: now available  ‘The Skinny Soul’

How FAT is your soul?

The Bible actually speaks about having a FAT soul!

By the time you have finished reading The Skinny Soul you will know the size, wealth, and health of the most precious possession you have!

Keep your soul FAT and healthy!

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