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Lostlifcover in Faith. It could take faith to…

A gripping and inspiring story of how Christine and her husband, along with their two young children, took a giant leap of faith to take the gospel to Gypsies living in the remote mountain caves of Spain during the rule of General Franco.

Christine’s sincere and down-to-earth story flows like a novel that urges readers to the very last chapter. Her story has given hope and added strength and faith to many while going through their own trial of faith.

Lost in Faith is now reputed to be one of those rare ‘page-turners’

Christine had been asked over many years to have contents of her journals published, but always declined. But just 9 years ago, a Bible verse prompted her that her life-story could be of help and encouragement to others, “God, who comforts us in trial so that we may be able to comfort to others” (2 Corinthians 1:4). 

Sample chapters from Lost in Faith:

Chapter 1. It could take faith… to walk all alone!

Chapter 6. It could take faith… to resign to the unexpected.

Chapter 9. It could take faith… to wait.

Chapter 11. It could take faith… to lose a good reputation!

Chapter 12 It could take faith… to replace family relationships.

Chapter 13. It could take faith… to believe He has a plan.

Chapter 14. It could take faith… not to spoil the fun.

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