2 comments on “My Christian Agony Aunt…

  1. Thank you Margaret. I too think it a great idea – and am hoping it was an idea from the Lord.

    Thanks for your desire to get my ‘Christian Agony Aunt’ known by emailing your friends. Let’s hope and pray that women will find the courage to write in, even if only to get something off their heart, which can help tremendously sometimes.

    God bless you Margaret for your compassionate heart that has a desire to reach out to others in this self centered world.

    Love Christine

  2. I think your Christian Agony Aunt is a wonderful idea. I will be sharing your site with as many people as I can. We all need someone sometimes, someone who is not family or friend but someone who will give us God’s Word as an answer, when we feel we can no longer go on, and not man’s opinions, Someone who will strengthen us with real solid ‘Food’ the sustanence of the truth of God’s Word.

    Thank you Christine for having a heart for us hurting women and for doing what you are doing. GOd bless you and your Christian Agony aunt column. Love in Christ.

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