My Question and Answer page

I am often asked questions or advice, via email, personally, or through my Christian Agony Aunt.

After much thought and prayer, I felt to start this question and answer page, feeling it may be helpful for others to see what is on people’s minds, and my replies.

I have been in ministry from a young age assisting my Father in the church where he was the minister. I am married to a minister of the Gospel, who’s Father was also the minister of a large church; so naturally Christians have approached me over the years for advice and prayer.

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Although I am not a theologian (or a councillor), the Scriptures are my greatest passion and I have studied them intensely and have read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation forty times in all as I cannot seem to satisfy my thirst for it.

I do not claim to have an answer to everything. But I do know that God’s word does.

If you have a question, you can choose to be anonymous by leaving off your name, but please state your country. Your question may be of interest to others, so your question will go live.

I must give a warning. The Bible is a ‘two-edged sword’ and sometimes ‘truth’ can be painful. But also, ‘truth’ can set you free…

“Whether pleasant or unpleasant, we will listen to the voice of the Lord” (Jeremiah 42:6).

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