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Church 002

Centro Cristiano Almeria, Spain. Built January 1970 by Christine & Chris who were the first to take the Gospel to the entire region. Chris & Christine shuttled people from tiny villages dotted around the mountains who heard the gospel for the very first time and who then owned a Bible for the first time as Bibles were not permitted.

In 1999 Centro Cristiano became Christian Centre and became the first Gospel witness for the Lord in the English language. This vision inspired others and fellowships sprung up all over the region, meeting the needs of many in a previously spiritually barren area.

“There are several fellowships/churches here now that came out of the work of the Christian Centre as you were the first” Pastor D. Hamilton. AOG Missionary, Spain.

“You laid the foundation here, making things so much easier for us all” Church in Turre, Spain.


Anniversary 018A few of the Romanian Christians who lived in the caravans that were appealed for by Christine.




centre2 007


Centro Cristiano. Christian Centre.



centre2 004


Some of the caravans donated to house people in need.




Church 007


Pastor Chris speaking in at Christian Centre.




Church 004


Pastor Chris and Christine outside Christian Centre.







Pastor Chris preaching in Pastor Pedro’s Church Lorca, Spain. Pedro was the only person who helped Chris build Centro Cristiano in 1971.



IMG_0528Pastor Pedro & his wife at their Christian Centre, Lorca.







The tree that saved the lives of the two German girls. However, the tree was much bigger then. The other half of the tree is a now a stump having to be sawn off & the tree drastically trimmed due to electrical wires (scroll to end for the amazing story of this tree!).





IMG_0569Our dear friends, Pastor Jose and his wife Madalena, Iglesia de los hechos in Aguilas.







Our daughter Cherry with her Texan husband, Daniel and their little girl Sienna. They live in Fort Worth.



PTDC0060Our son Calvin baptizing English Gypsies in the West Midlands.




PTDC0061Pastor Isaac. He was the very first student to be ordained from Midlands Bible College that was founded by Chris & Christine. It has been re-named as Kings Evangelical Divinity School.

Isaac is the Pastor of Asian Calvary Church, Wolverhampton. W.Mids.

Isaac has planted several Churches, some of them in India.



PTDC0062Some of the brothers and sisters in the Lord in Romania grateful for our help.



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The Bible speaks about having a FAT soul.

 “The soul of the diligent is made FAT” (Proverbs 13:4).

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