What people say…

“Christine, your books are just brilliant! I re-read them in case I missed something. Hurry up and write more!” (Mrs M, pastor’s wife. UK).

“I’ve bought 6 Lost in Faith and 6 of the sequel for gifts! My entire family must have one each! I’m using them in our Bible studies” (Ministers wife, USA).

“I read many Christian books but I have never read books as quickly! Every single chapter has something new and I can’t wait to read the next. I am ordering more books to pass around” (Grace, Legal Secretary, Lancashire, UK).

“You have an immense talent for the written word. Your books will be an inspiration to many” (Headmistress USA).

“I can highly recommend” (Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries).

“Can’t put your books down. You have a special talent for relaying messages. I love the way you choose scriptures that are less known yet so powerfully fit each situation”  (Business woman, USA).

“Christine. Your book is excellent. I love the spirituality and the understandable human reaction” (Alec, Bank manager).

Christine’s latest book now available: The Skinny Soul.

The Bible speaks about having a FAT soul.

“The soul of the diligent is made FAT (Proverbs 13:4).

By the time you have finished reading The Skinny Soul you will be aware of the size, health, and wealth of your soul.

Christine’s books are highly recommended as the perfect spiritual Christmas gift.

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